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 Helpful advices

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PostSubject: Helpful advices   Helpful advices Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2008 4:10 pm

Ghostkeeper --- visablity ring ( ::abbydemons kill abby demons )
Fremlick\ the green old mage (whatever his name is ) --- mourner cloack ( admin item? )
Some gray stuff on there body... --- smoking weed... ( ::weed )
Barrel on their head --- keg of beer ( admin item? spawn for players? lol )
Red circly things above head --- vengence ( ::veng )
Zamorak, give me strength!!! --- higher hits ( ::switch anakarl teleport )
Hand moving around in circle in air --- 3rd age ammy ( admin item )
Recharge specials faster --- dds ( click on special bar when 0spec left )

uhmmm yah didnt tell you ALL of them haha
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Helpful advices
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